Gretchen C. Magbanua

A single mom with 5 kids


I was 10 years old when my mom died with breast cancer. Ten in my family died, all from cancer. I lived a glamorous life, traveled and lived in a few places abroad. My fate changed as I underwent Bilateral Mass Excisions. My doctors told me I could have a cyst again after 3 years, because of cancer heredity.


2007 I went back for a checkup and they found many lumps in both breasts. I was diagnosed with early stage 2 breast cancer and was told I needed an immediate operation. But I resisted the proceedings. After a month it became painful. I went to another country for a checkup and biopsy. The result was stage 3 breast cancer and I was told both breasts have to be removed.


I was desperate and scared. I didn’t have enough money and worried about my 4 kids future. “If I die, that’s the end!”


Someone I met on Facebook asked me to try First Vita Plus. He told me the potential benefits of the product could possibly help my health condition. I learned about the natural healing power of Guyabano and proven remedy for all types of cancers. Two weeks after I started drinking First Vita Plus Guyabano my condition improved. No more foul smelling discharge from my nipples. It gradually reverted back to normal. I regained my strength and it kept me healthy and active all day long. Thanks to God and his mysterious way to let me know about Guyabano First Vita Plus!


Here's my friend Gretchen

expecting her 5th child in April 2016

And here with her

beautiful baby boy Kai

and below 8 months old

with team members


No chemo, radiation or surgery, only First Vita Plus